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Email Protection

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All the credit goes to the original auther Brad at pingturtle.

Cloudflare (Link) is a pretty awesome way to speed up your site through their optimization and caching.

They also keep a blacklist of abusive hosts and block them from accessing your site, be it botnet zombies, or spammers, etc etc.

They have a feature where you can “scramble” all email addresses listed on your site to keep them hidden from email harvesting bots, which is pretty useful, especially for forums to give your users a little more protection when sharing info with each other, or having their emails listed in their profile (Tsk tsk.. forum software should scramble that stuff anyways, but a lot of them don’t).

This got me curious as to what they did to hide the emails and decode them on the fly when the page is loaded. Its actually just a simple XOR encryption algorithm in Javascript with a random key set on every load. Below is their Javascript/span with encrypted email address as the class name.

. which is a lot easier to read when you format it .

So anyways, I just took that function and re-wrote it in PHP and AutoIt. You need to feed the function the encrypted classname that is in the anchor tag that cloudflare inserts, and it will spit out the decoded email address. First, the php function.

And the AutoIt version.

. and that’s it! I suppose if you wanted to extract emails, you could write a regular expression to match the classname and the anchor tag that cloudflare uses, and extract/decode emails on the fly.


Exchange Online Protection

Get enterprise-class reliability and protect against spam and malware, while maintaining access to email during and after emergencies. Exchange Online Protection provides a layer of protection features that are deployed across a global network of datacenters, helping you simplify the administration of your messaging environments.

Features included

Eliminate threats

Eliminate threats before they reach the corporate firewall with multi-layered, real-time anti-spam and multi-engine anti-malware protection.

Quality service

Five financially backed SLAs attest to a high quality of service, including protection from 100% of known viruses and 99% of spam.

Exchange Administration Center

Manage and administer from the Exchange Administration Center—a single web-based interface.

Content filtering

Active content, connection, and policy-based filtering enables compliance with corporate policies and government regulations.

No hardware required

No hardware or software required to install, manage, and maintain, which minimizes up-front investment.

Easy to maintain

Simplify IT environments by reducing the need for in-house email security servers and applications.

Easy deployment

Get up and running quickly with a simple MX record change.


Protect your company’s IP reputation by using separate outbound delivery pools for high-risk email.


Globally load-balanced network of datacenters helps to ensure a 99.999% network uptime.


Near real-time reporting and message trace capabilities provide insight into email environments by retrieving the status of any message that Exchange Online Protection processes.

IT-level phone support

IT-level phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at no additional cost.

Scheduled payments

Get a predictable payment schedule through a subscription-based service for customers with an on-premises email deployment. Exchange Online Protection is also included in Exchange Online and any Office 365 plan that includes Exchange Online.

Easy to manage

Ensure that no email is lost or bounced by automatically queuing email if the destination email server becomes unavailable for any reason.


Email Security

Ensure incoming and outgoing email communications are secured and mailboxes are free of spam.

Prevent spam, encrypt emails, and archive communications for improved productivity.

Block threats

Email Security services protect against spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other email-borne threats.

Protect email communication

Secure email communications with policy rules that identify sensitive content and encrypt emails that meet the defined criteria.

Integrate seamlessly

With a pay-as-you-go model, you can easily adopt the email security service, with no long-term contracts or commitments. Simply turn the service on or off as needed.

100% certified protection against 0‑day threats.

Get Email Security in CloudCare

Email Security makes it easy to secure inbound and outbound email communications with features that keep inboxes free of spam, encrypt emails to ensure they are delivered securely, and archive them to help you manage inbox size.

Email Security Features

Secure Storage

All inbound, outbound, and internal email communication is routed through the Email Archive gateway. It is filtered for spam and viruses, which are then removed and the messages indexed and encrypted.


A unique set of eDiscovery tools makes it quick and simple for individuals to find, access, and recover the emails or information they need from the archive.

Email Continuity

Users can access any email in the active archive on demand from wherever they are. In the event of internal network or server outages, email communication continues uninterrupted via the Avast Business Email Archive secure servers.

Encryption Controls

Emails that are sent un-encrypted can be automatically encrypted, re-routed, or blocked if they do not comply with the company’s encryption policy.

Get the latest security news and tips

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The company

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Panda Cloud Email Protection

Panda Cloud Email Protection – это решение безопасности для электронной почты, основанное на концепции «ПО как сервис» (SaaS).

Язык интерфейса: Русский

Panda Cloud Email Protection – это решение безопасности для электронной почты, основанное на концепции «ПО как сервис» (SaaS). Подобный подход позволяет компаниям сфокусироваться на своем основном бизнесе и забыть о расходах и трудностях, связанных с традиционными решениями безопасности, в обмен на небольшую оплату сервиса.

Данное решение также включено в сервис Panda Cloud Protection, который помимо защиты электронной почты предлагает инновационное решение Panda Cloud Office Protection для защиты рабочих станций и файловых серверов.

Panda Cloud Email Protection содержит в себе многоуровневую систему фильтров и механизмов защиты, использующих всю базу знаний Коллективного разума компании Panda Security для предоставления наиболее эффективного решения безопасности.

Сервис значительно снижает нагрузку на корпоративные почтовые серверы, т.к. уничтожает спам и все типы вредоносных программ во входящей и исходящей почте.

Panda Cloud Email Protection имеет интуитивно понятную и легкую в использовании веб-консоль управления, которая позволяет администраторам мгновенно настраивать защиту.

Преимущества Panda Cloud Email Protection:

Полная защита
Panda Cloud Email Protection уничтожает все типы спама и вредоносных программ, увеличивая производительность труда пользователя и обеспечивая работоспособность почтового сервера.

Минимизирует расходы на сопровождение
Решение не требует инвестиций в инфраструктуру или специализированный персонал, т.к. он полностью расположен «в облаке».

Легко использовать, легко управлять
Простая автоматическая установка и запуск могут быть осуществлены с любого компьютера.

Гарантированная работоспособность
Полный доступ к электронной почте через сервис веб-почты в случае, если почтовый сервер клиента сломался.

Детализированные отчеты
Автоматические периодические отчеты предлагают подробный обзор всей активности сервиса.

Максимальное обнаружение спама и вредоносных программ
Мощный антивирусный движок предлагает максимальный уровень обнаружения благодаря использованию базы знаний Коллективного разума.
Эффективная фильтрация почты благодаря высокому уровню обнаружения спама (до 99%).

ПО как услуга (SaaS)
Минимальные операционные расходы.
Нет необходимости инвестировать средства в аппаратное и программное обеспечение, а также в специализированный персонал.
Оптимизированное потребление канала связи.

Непрерывность бизнеса
Защита от аварий почтовых серверов.
Резервирование электронной почты.
Доступность почты через веб-консоль управления.
Круглосуточный мониторинг сервиса 24*7*365.

Упрощенное управление
Централизованное администрирование из веб-консоли.
Опции управления по компании, домену или пользователям.
Возможность администрирования сервиса с любого компьютера, расположенного в любом месте.
Планирование отчетов и почтовый уведомитель.

Ключевые характеристики Panda Cloud Email Protection:

Работоспособность и доступность почты в любое время.
Позволяет получать и отправлять электронные письма даже в том случае, если почтовый сервер клиента находится в аварийном состоянии или не работает.

Быстрое и простое добавление новых аккаунтов.
Распознавание всех почтовых аккаунтов в сети.
Автоматическое добавление в сервис.

Движок правил
Упрощает процесс внедрения политик контроля контента электронных писем.
Могут быть установлены критерии для автоматической обработки спама.

Администрирование по компании, домену или пользователю
Административный веб-интерфейс основан на профилях.
Установки на уровне компании, домена или пользователей.
Запланированные отчеты могут быть настроены для пользователей и администраторов.


Email Security With Targeted Threat Protection

Protection at your email perimeter

Mimecast’s cloud-based Secure Email Gateway protects organizations and employees using any cloud or on-premises email platform. It defends against inbound spear-phishing, malware, spam and zero-day attacks by combining innovative applications and policies with multiple detection engines and intelligence feeds.

Your information, and ultimately your business’ reputation, is protected by outbound scanning of all emails to block threats and prevent malicious or unintentional loss of sensitive or confidential information.

Keep your email safe

Email is the #1 attack vector. Protect your organization against spam, malware, phishing, and targeted attacks with a 100% cloud-based service.

Robust gateway protection

Block malicious and unwanted email, enforce information security policies and see detailed information on all delivered and blocked email.

  • Stop spam and malware before it reaches your email system
  • Prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands with comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Easily find and investigate delivered and blocked emails with robust message tracking and analysis

Targeted Threat Protection

Detect and stop sophisticated attacks like spear-phishing, ransomware, and impersonation, with multi-layered defenses at and inside your perimeter.

  • Time-of-click, real-time URL analysis helps prevent employees clicking through to malicious sites
  • Multi-layered attachment scanning including static file and sandbox analysis
  • Block emails that spoof trusted senders and contain malware-less social-engineering attacks

Threat Intelligence

Understand and respond to threats faster and more effectively.

  • Quickly and easily access and export organizational cyber threat data
  • See what types of attacks are targeting your organization and which employees pose the greatest risk
  • Benchmark against your peers and other Mimecast customers in your region

Threat Remediation

Act quickly to contain threats and reduce cyber risks.

  • Continuous scanning of email content against the latest intelligence
  • Automated remediation of malicious emails and content to prevent internal and outbound spread
  • Search for suspicious files for investigation and manual remediation with full visibility into remediation incidents

Ready to choose Mimecast?

Information Protection

Mimecast’s policy-based information protection solutions are fully integrated with the Secure Email Gateway. They include Content Control and DLP, end-to-end encryption with Mimecast Secure Messaging, and Large File Send to protect the performance and availability of email systems.

Targeted Threat Protection

Organizations and employees are targets for increasingly sophisticated attacks designed to steal money, credentials, customer data and other valuable intellectual property. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection defends against spear-phishing, ransomware, impersonation and other targeted attacks.

URL Protect

Keeps your users and your organization safe by checking websites at the time of click, while educating users along the way.

Attachment Protect

Implements an adaptable approach applying multiple analytic techniques and sandboxing to block malicious email attachments.

Impersonation Protect

Defends against email attacks that use sender and domain spoofing and social engineering to coerce a user into performing an action.

Email protection inside your network and the organization

Even with a robust email security perimeter in place, attackers can try to bypass your perimeter and operate inside your email network. Your users are a fundamental line of defense, inside the perimeter, to help defeat attacks using social engineering to compromise accounts. Mimecast Awareness Training can help dramatically reduce risk related to human error, but technology controls are essential to counter internal email threats.

Internal Email Protect

For most, inbound email-borne spear-phishing style attacks are the primary focus for security teams, but that doesn’t sufficiently protect an organization. It is important to recognize that internal-to-internal emails as well as outbound emails are regularly used to spread threats and spam. In addition, organizations need to ensure they are protected against delivered email-borne files which are later determined as malware.

Mimecast Internal Email Protect extends Mimecast’s security controls to your organization’s internally-generated emails providing 360 degrees of email protection.